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Mark and Pierre Jax are brothers who grew up in San Antonio, TX. Listening to bands like The Smiths, they developed a passion for music and an emotional depth to their songwriting.  

Both are self taught musicians who developed their talents through years of strumming, writing, and perfecting their craft. After high school, Mark moved to Fort Worth to attend college at Texas Wesleyan University. He married his college sweetheart and began teaching elementary school while raising two children. 

Pierre joined the Air Force and traveled to the Middle East as a Medic. Upon leaving the service, he also settled in Fort Worth to complete his college education from UTA in Arlington. 

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After playing together for over ten years and recording many single tracks, the Jax brothers finally recorded a full studio album titled "Elementary" in 2013 and played all over Texas in support of it.  As a result of the busy musician lifestyle the JaxBros released a 14 song live album digitally titled, "No Bridges" in 2016 and a compilation "Potluck" in 2019. They regularly perform an average of 150 gigs all over the North Texas.
Mark and Pierre are currently recording their third studio album, "La Novela" and performing all over North Texas.

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